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Due to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak we decided to change a formula of the conference to an online meeting. The event will be free of charge for every participant. An additional track and a workshop dedicated to cloud computing will be carried out as part of other event - .NET DeveloperDays (October 2020, Warsaw). We would like to invite you there! More info:


Terms and conditions for attendees of Cloud DeveloperDays 2020

I. General provisions
  1. The Organizer of the Event is DATA MASTER sp. z o.o..
  2. The Ordering Party is a natural person or a legal entity that orders services using the Registration Form available at
  3. The Terms and Conditions for attendees of the Event form an integral part of the Registration Form and apply to all attendees.
  4. The Event will be carried out as an online conference.
  5. Registration and participation in the Event are completely free.
II. Event admission
  1. The joint completion of the following steps entitles the Ordering Party to have admission to the Event:
  2. a. Filling out the Registration Form available at
    b. Acknowledging by the Organizer the receipt of the Registration Form. The Organizer will inform the Ordering Party by the email about the receipt or nonreceipt of the said form.
III. Terms and Conditions of the Event
  1. The conference — Cloud DeveloperDays 2020 — will take place on 26 - 27 May 2020 on platform BigMarker (
  2. The registration deadline passes on 24 May 2020. Registration after this date may be approved on the individual acceptance of the Organizer.
  3. The number of persons who The Ordering Party can delegate to attend the Event arises from the completed Registration Forms. The Ordering Party will name these attendees not later than 01 May 2020.
  4. The registration will be open till 24 May 2020. The Organizer will have the right to end the registration once all the seats available for the attendees have been booked.
  5. The Organizer will have the right to set the Event schedule and to change the said schedule, even on the day when the Event takes place; in particular, the Organizer will have the right to change the timetable and the order of presentations.
  6. As the number of seats is limited, the Organizer cannot guarantee an individual attendee the opportunity to participate in a particular session.
IV. Changes in schedule
  1. The Organizer will have the right to extend the registration period.
  2. The Organizer will notify the Ordering Party about any changes in the Event schedule at
V. Event cancellation
  1. The Organizer will make every effort to maintain the quality of the Event as specified in its description.
  2. The Organizer will have the right to cancel the Event if uncontrollable circumstances occur. The fees paid by the Ordering Party will not be reimbursed. The Ordering Party will have the right to move paid fee to the next edition of the Event or to resign.
  3. At the event of uncontrolled circumstances, including but not limited to:
  4. a. floods
    b. fires within the venue premises
    c. war or hostilities
    d. failure within the venue premises, including but not limited to a failure in the following systems: electrical installation, water and sewerage, gas installation, heating, air-conditioning, fire-protection or any other whose occurrence poses a threat to the safety and health of the attendees staying within the premises
    e. riot, commotion
    f. road, air or railroad disaster that makes both the access to the venue and the safe course of the Event impossible
    g. any other event whose occurrence makes carrying out the Event as planned impossible or that poses a threat to the safety and health of the attendees
  5. In the widest scope permitted by the laws of the Republic of Poland the Organizer will not be held liable for any damages suffered by the attendees in relation to the organizing, carrying out, cancelling or postponing of the Event. The Organizer will not be held liable for any benefits lost due to the said changes. In the event of the concurrence of contractual liability and general liability, an attendee may claim damages within the aforesaid limits, exclusively under the provisions herein.
VI. Final provisions
  1. Additional provisions regarding the Event Attendees:
  2. a. By registering for the Event the Ordering Party enters into the contractual agreement to attend the Event and agrees to these Terms and Conditions, which form an integral part thereof.
    b. Any queries related to the registration process should be submitted by the email at